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By Using This Web Site You Agree To The Following Privacy Policy is wholly owned and operated by Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited. All advertisements displayed on our site/s and any promotions or services have been met with the prior approval of Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited, prior to our site/s being displayed on the internet. These approvals are given via Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited management. All interested parties must seek prior approval prior to participation of any promotion, service or advertisement on our web site.

This 'Privacy Policy' pertains to and any of its appointed services and subsidiary web sites, where such policy is also posted. You agree to abide by the 'Privacy Policy' laid out herein, prior to viewing/joining/using and any of its appointed services and subsidiary web sites, where such 'Policy' is also posted.


1. The Access and Site Utilization - your privacy rights; This section describes how your privacy is respected as a user/viewer of the site, when you access any area of our site, either as a casual browser, site member or a site account holder.

First, in order to clarify these three descriptions;

A) Casual Browser; Anyone who surfs our site, solely for the purposes of locating an ad or property listing within our site. The Casual Browser may or may not have access to certain areas. This rule applies to instructions given from within the site.

B) Site Member; An individual or company who has joined our site/s, via the membership signup link from within our site. Membership to our site is free. Membership is beneficial as it gives the Member access to tools such as Favorites, which they can use to save their favorite property listings for ease of future reference. A Site member has more control over what they wish to achieve within the site.

C) Site Account Holder; An individual or company who has become an account holder of our site, by placing an ad within our site, or who has joined our site/s with the intention of doing so. This, regardless of whether or not a charge for the ad is incurred by the Site Account Holder. The ad referred to here is a property listing of some description or category and does not refer to external services such as Google ads (for example ad sense). The description Site Account Holder also extends to all those appointed access to the site through the Site Account Holder (for example Caretakers), whether appointed by a Site Account Holder or our company.

To have permission to use/view our site you agree to fall into at least one of the above categories. This is so that both your privileges and privacy is respected, in addition to our own.


2. Collection, Storage Of Information - your privacy rights; This section describes how when you use our web site, information may be collected, utilized, and sometimes stored. It also covers the protection and security of such information. By using/viewing our site you agree to our 'Terms Of Use' and 'Privacy Policy', as laid out here and at our site, upon viewing our site and/or registration at our site, including all and any section of this policy and from time to time its amendments. It is entirely up to each individual to review this policy from time to time, in order to observe any changes to this policy. You can view the date/s this 'Privacy Policy' was altered, from the bottom of the 'Privacy Policy' itself.

Pertaining to the data listed below; you expressly consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of all personal information as described in this 'Privacy Policy'. This includes the transferal of and storage of any data/information from one or more servers to any other server appointed by our company, within New Zealand or outside of it, for the express benefit/use of and its official owner/operator. It is in agreement, as a part of this policy, that your information remain for our express purpose and can not and will not be sold by Wealth Corp Strategic Securities Limited to any other party for the purposes of marketing and/or sold nor shared for the purposes of increasing profit (outside of primary purpose), without the express permission of the individual/company falling into any one or more of the categories listed above A, B or C. This does not include third party servers, where the storage of such data/information is necessary for administrative purposes. The only exception to this policy rule is where for the purposes of; promotion, contest, competition, survey, quiz, review, advertisement or any other similar service the participant has agreed to release such information to an outside party for their/our company's benefit or purpose. When this occurs, our intentions will be clearly stated before requesting any such information from any individual, company or participant, unless this information is subject to the normal generic 'Terms Of Use' and 'Privacy Policy', applicable to the aforesaid. Collection/use of data includes any 'Third Party' participating in the use of our site, whether through the 'Third Party's' agreed application of software at/on/within our site or with respect to software affecting our site or affected by our site, via external means.

The following is a description of the type of information you agree to permit us to utilize/store, in accordance with the policy details outlined above;


* Personal/Business Contact Information; name, address, email address, telephone/fax no's, status or relationship information - including your position/level within any organization that you belong to, where such information collection is requested for site participation.


* Registration Signup Information; any information used throughout signup such as, but not exclusively, age, gender, demographics, title/marriage status, income level, occupation, plus any other information requested that pertains to your lifestyle or business profile/s. This also includes information requested for the purpose of surveys, pop quiz, competitions, promotions or any other similar activity, in which you have agreed that you wish to participate in.


* Credit Card Information & Bank Account Information; any information necessary to complete a credit card transaction or banking transaction across the internet or any other means agreed to by the cardholder or the person utilizing the card for this purpose. This also includes information collected whilst utilizing 'Third Party' gateways such as PayPal, World-pay and other such payment gateways, for the purposes of a financial transaction. This also includes tax status and/or codes and when necessary business registration information such as Sole Trader, Company etc. This also includes, when requested, proof of income, a recent bill or statement etc as proof of identity or address, either business or personal.


* Credit Check Bureaus; any information collected by and/or its affiliated websites Owners/Operators, for the express purpose of conducting a credit check upon you. This is not normally required. However, from time to time certain promotions or transactions may require such a credit check. When necessary, you agree to us conducting a credit check upon you. This may also occur if you incur a debt to and/or its affiliated websites Owners/Operators. Under such a circumstance we may, as the law permits, conduct a credit check and/or refer any information about you to a debt collection agency.


* Ad Placement Information; this includes all information entered by you on and/or its affiliated websites, or any information requested from you, pertaining to the placement of an ad on and/or its affiliated websites. This also includes cross-referencing information, an occurrence where information is shared between two or more individuals or parties. This can include members and non-members alike. For example, where an ad is placed by you and a client responds to your ad, offering various information to you via and/or its affiliated websites. Information may include, but is not limited to, prices, discounts, names, addresses, generic information and transactional amounts etc. As is usual, this information will remain 'confidential and private', within reasonable and acceptable limits, as per this 'Privacy Policy', it's details laid down here within;


* Proof of Age/Identity; you agree to provide proof of age and/or identity when requested. This may include, but is not limited to, driver's license, tax codes, birth certificate etc and their identifying details.


* Site Activity/Location; includes all information/data/statistics generated throughout your use of and/or its affiliated websites, including your IP address, web site cookies, search information/data, login/logout information/data, site statistics, incoming/outgoing information/data from page initializations/requests/views, form information/data both on the site and to/from the site, including all 'Third Party' requests. You agree to accept responsibility for knowing where you are transferring 'to' and 'from', throughout your use of and/or its affiliated websites, from/to any page on our site or any pop-up. Site activity/location also includes all normal PC log data and any data collected by robots and other software employed for the purposes of site administration and/or search engine administration.


3. Utilization of Information - your privacy rights


* How You Are Protected; through the collection of your personal data (2. Collection, Storage of Information - your privacy rights) we can maintain for you a safe and reliable internet experience and a safe environment. We can also ensure that our own Privacy Rights and Individual Property Rights are protected and that we can operate in a safe and consistent manner in accordance with all laws, statutes and legal requirements of administration of a website and its administrative procedures. The following are examples of how we may elect to utilize this information, yet the following list is not exclusive. We may collect data for the following reasons;


* Relate and Transfer Information/Data; we may relate and/or transfer information and/or data to a 'Third Party', in order for error free administration of and/or its affiliated websites and its related 'Third Party' policies, programs and systems. This information/data may be necessary for an accurate alliance/operation between and/or its affiliated websites and its 'Third Party' provider's requests. Although the result of this may be profitable, in terms of increased revenue, it is not intended to directly provide revenue for and/or its affiliated websites, nor its Owners/Operators. For example, we will not sell or transfer your information/data to a marketing company for revenue. However, as a direct result of you providing such information our company revenue may indirectly increase as would be expected of an advertising or promotional campaign for example where your information/data would be collected by a server from within our company or related to our company's administrative procedures. The collection of your information/data also provides for contact between you and our administration, for the purposes of answering troubleshooting queries and other generalized requests and collecting general fees, booking fees and also calculating and paying out affiliate commissions to our affiliates. It also allows for the provision of contact between you and any property owners advertising at our site and also between you and any clients you may have acquired through our site. It also provides for the delivery of information to you pertaining to one or more advertisements, general information, newsletters, announcements etc.


* Prevent Fraudulent Activity; through the collection of and provision for the requirement of such information/data we can decrease the likelihood of fraudulent activity. This is particularly pertinent to credit card activity, where the information/data is collected to provide a traceable electronic transaction/route to protect both the card user and also the card holder. At the same time, the ISP of the card user at our site shall be recorded for the provision of a safe internet environment and a traceable origin at the point of entry. These provisions also decrease the possibility of a card error or transactional error occurring. Where a 'Third Party', such as PayPal or World-pay are implemented and its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators are absolved of all liability/responsibility, regarding the retention of your data and/or the use of your data, as you agree that this is beyond Awardwinningword-press.comand its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators control.


* Track Consumer Habits; we may collect information/data for the purpose of progress, which will benefit the consumer by allowing us to streamline our administration and service to you. We may for example use this information to determine which products and services are the most attractive to you.


* Ensure We Can Deliver; to you in the most efficient manner the products/services you expect and in the manner in which they are promoted to you. Provide a professional environment in which you can operate whilst at our site or viewing/utilizing pages within our site. It also assists us in improving the site's layout and general effectiveness. We can tailor specific web site services and tools to you personally by matching your data with our software platform, in addition to offering specific target marketed packages and promotions to you. We can also display your profile to others and thus provide for any interaction between you and other members of and/or its affiliated websites. The ability to opt out of certain services is made available to you at the site.


* Ensure Our 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use' are met; we can only ensure the safety and error free site you would wish to use if both our clients and our company are protected by the normal rules and conditions governing the internet. In addition to this it goes without saying that conventional law has to be upheld also. The information and data we collect from you, although kept private, ensures we can uphold the quality you would expect of and its affiliated websites and its service providers and also provide for your safety while using and/or its affiliated web sites. It offers our company the same quality, safety and legal protection, particularly against hackers and scammers, which also serves to increase your own safety.


* Disclosure; we may, if deemed necessary, provide some or all of the information/data collected to a law enforcement agency. This would only take place in the event of an unlawful act, in order to comply with our 'Privacy Policy', or if such information/data is mined by such an agency without our prior knowledge. Your information/data may also be disclosed to a 'Third Party' provider for the purposes of investigating a complaint laid by a group, company or individual with regards to a possible violation of the 'Third Party' provider's own 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use', whilst using and/or its affiliated websites and/or its 'Third Party' services. This is to ensure individual rights; personal property rights and personal safety of all concerned are upheld, including our Site Members, Clients and the General Public. Your information/data may also be used to correctly communicate or provide to you the services deemed appropriate, with regards to your own personal requests for any such services. This may or may not include a 'Third Party' provider. This would depend entirely upon the type of service you are requesting. Your information/data may also be communicated or provided to a 'Third Party', that you have requested to use. In such a case, the 'Third Party's' own 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use' would also be upheld. It is your responsibility to inform yourself of all policies, terms and conditions prior to using our site, its services or any 'Third Party' service, related to or connected to our site. and/or its affiliated web sites, its Operators/Owners and 'Third Party' providers will not be held liable or held responsible for any actions taken against you, nor any outcome by either our own administration or any 'Third Party' provider, as a consequence of any legal or non-legal enforcement upon you, as a result of you not being aware of our 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use' or that of our 'Third Party' providers, prior to using/viewing our site. Your information/data may be collected and communicated to service providers who assist with and its affiliated web sites administration. These may include, yet not exclusively, law enforcement agencies, data miners such as Google's robots (for administrative purposes only and where deemed necessary in order to provide a service), affiliate and reward program providers, including our own, credit card companies that are used or offered at our site or its 'Third Party' providers, invoicing departments, bill collection departments/agencies and fraud investigation companies/agencies., its affiliated websites and its Operators/Owners, will oblige any law enforcement request and will transfer information, if requested to do so, without any liability incurred for doing so. If such action is necessary it is the responsibility of the defendant to meet all costs associated with personal/company defense, legal fees, travel costs and all other costs incurred throughout the defendants legal defense period in order for a resolution.


* Company Merger; should, its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners merge with another company or organization, in part or in whole, you agree to share your information/data for all administrative purposes and procedures in accordance with any and all of the 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use' stated within, and its affiliated websites, by its Operators/Owners, as subject to you as a viewer/user of, and/or its affiliated websites. This includes all amendments and adjustments added from time to time, for which you are responsible for being aware. All merged partners are also obligated to observe and uphold this 'Privacy Policy' and the 'Terms Of Use' of, and its affiliated websites and its Operators/Owners at all times.


* Company Sale; you agree to release all information/data collected by, its affiliated websites and its Operators/Owners to any entity who purchases, and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners, its individual property rights or any part thereof. The new part or whole owner of, and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners and/or its assets/individual property agrees to, observe and upheld our 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use', in addition to its/their amendments and additions. Where a new 'Privacy Policy' or 'Terms Of Use' are instated, the purchasing entity agrees to inform you of such and request your new approval and acceptance of such 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use, before sharing/transferring your information/data to a 'Third Party'. This does not apply to the collection and storage of your information/data for administrative purposes, which may or may not be required for the successful acquisition of the purchase of and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners and/or its assets/individual property, including its day to day administrative procedures. It may occur that any new owner of and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners may request a separate approval from you regarding 'Third Party' information/data sharing whilst upholding the original 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use'. Where any such action is undertaken, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are aware of any changes to both our 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use'. Any new owner of and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners agrees to inform you of any such changes. Its current owner will not be held liable for any of these conditions being met. However, and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners agree to inform you that any change of ownership of and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners and/or its assets/individual property has therefore taken effect. All liability is then transferred to its new owner to uphold this 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use' which also must be met by its Site Members, Affiliates, Clients, 'Third Party' providers etc, as per all current agreements that you are a party to.


* Promotional/Anti-Spamming; where site/services promotions are conducted, any identifying details such as names and/or email addresses you provide to us or references to others in any form are confidential. All information/data provided is expressly for and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners business use only. This information/data is provided to us to further promote your/our interests and will not be sold or gifted to any marketing company or agency for the purpose of profit. Where any promotional event is conducted, it is expected that you will provide to us only the names of people that you know personally. If any person you refer to us does not wish to participate, you may not approach them further and should they request it you should remove them from any list or data miner you may be using external to our site, should there be a reference to and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners within. The same applies to all other sources of potential clients such as chat rooms. This rule also applies to general spamming and as such is not permissible. You may not spam or promote any of our services or promotions to anyone, either through email or through any other piece of software, nor on an individual basis. You may however use opt-in methods and software, such as bulk e-mailers, where it is clearly indicated that by doing so the receiver/s selected is personally interested in receiving information about our specific site/s and/or services. There are no other exceptions. Concerning legal matters please refer to our 'Terms Of Use', which also applies to matters of this concern, as it is your obligation to know your rights and protect yourself from possible legal actions concerning promotion and spamming.


* Settings/Preferences; it is your responsibility to modify your own personal settings and preferences and also to maintain adequate security over them. You agree to accept responsibility for this information/data. It is advised that you do not share these with any other person. You should also not allow others to access your account as your settings/preferences may be altered without your knowledge. In addition, personal information about you or others may be viewed, stolen or shared. It is also your responsibility to keep your login information/data secure and to not share your login information/data with anyone you do not trust. Should you allow another person/s that you trust to use your account you still accept responsibility for any action or consequence arising from them doing so. Please use discretion and be careful, for your own safety. Security at and its affiliated websites and by its Operators/Owners is extreme. However, you understand that it is impossible to keep a web site 100% hacker proof. In the rare event that someone gains unauthorized access to your account neither you nor and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners shall be held liable for damages, unless it is deemed by a court of law that you are implicated in some way, in which case and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners are still exempt from liability. Any liability on your part shall be determined by a court of law. Harsh and rapid legal action shall be taken against any perpetrator and handed over to the authorities, where compensation will be sought for damages through a court of law. Wherever deemed applicable you shall be compensated, where a court of law has stated you are deserved of such compensation. However, it is not the responsibility of and/or its affiliated websites, nor its Operators/Owners to compensate you for damages, as the actions of the perpetrator is outside of the control of and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners who have taken all due diligence to ensure maximum protection of and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Operators/Owners against such unauthorized entry and the protection of its webite Clients/Members. It is 'your' responsibility to opt out of any program, or any part of a program, that you do not wish to continue participating in, such as newsletters etc. Options are provided within the website for this purpose.


* Cookies/Third Parties; you are aware that viewing and/or using and/or its affiliated websites generates cookies on your computer. There are two types of cookies generated. 'Permanent cookies' allow for the use of such features as logging in to your homepage, from information stored within your computers permanent cookies. Temporary cookies or 'session cookies' expire once you log out of your and/or its affiliated websites account, or if you leave the site to visit another site. However, please be aware that session cookies can have varied time duration placed upon them from internet site to internet site. Therefore it is entirely possible that you could leave the site thinking you are logged out yet you are still logged in because your cookies have not 'expired' yet. This is handy should you wish to temporarily surf to another page within the site that does not require you to be logged in or when leaving to visit another individual's website. For example it is handy when clicking on 'Dashboard' as you will not have to login to the administration area, if you are already logged into the main site. You can view this area without having to log back in again. In some cases this may not apply. For example Site Member and Account Holder login privileges may be different. Please familiarize yourself with the necessary login differences at and/or its affiliated websites. However, if you are leaving your computer unattended or shutting down your computer, then you should always log out first, not just close the browser that you are using. This way, only you or someone who knows your login details can log in under your personal identity, offering you maximum protection. It also reduces the chance of an unauthorized break-in. You can remove all or some of these cookies at your own discretion, through your own computer's privacy settings. This are usually found within your browsers menu bar under 'internet options'. However, please note that should you do this some of the features you may wish to access at and/or its affiliated websites may then be disabled. You can always refresh them by closing your browser and reopening the and/or its affiliated websites site in a fresh browser. This will re-establish the cookies once more. In extreme cases, you may need to reboot. Where 'Third Party' services and programs are used, it is entirely your responsibility to be aware of any cookies placed on your computer. Though usually safe, and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators accepts neither responsibility nor liability for any cookies placed on your computer by any 'Third Party' company, organization or business of any nature. If you are dubious as to what is being placed upon your computer then you should conduct a regular scan with software such as Spybot and Adaware. You should also have a great anti-virus scanner such as Eset Security (Previously NOD32) and also a Firewall installed. There are free versions of Spybot and Adaware available, as well as many good free firewalls such as Zone Alarm and Comodo (previously Kiero firewall), which can automatically configure your programs for you and allow you safe internet browsing. This 'Privacy Policy' pertains to your use of and/or its affiliated websites specifically. There may be other 'Third Party' providers that we are using from within our site, such as gateways. Where other 'Third Party' information/data is collected, their own 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use' shall apply to you, and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators. With reference to all 'Third party'providers, they will have their own disclosure policies and procedures, which are out of the control of and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators. and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators are not responsible for the privacy concerns of any websites that and/or its affiliated websites is linked to or from. Their own policies and rules shall apply.


* Your Profile/Account; it is your responsibility to maintain and update your account and profile information/data, which shall be kept private and confidential by and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators, to the best of its ability. Our administrative practices aim for as close as possible to 100% confidentiality, yet no web site is ever 100% protected. You agree to this 'Privacy Policy' fact. and/or its affiliated websites administration, shall not alter your profile or personal information without your permission, unless it violates our 'Privacy Policy' and/or 'Terms 'Of Use' or where a Member Profile and/or Member Account upgrade is deemed necessary. Wherever possible, our administration shall inform you of any changes deemed necessary to cure or prevent further violation of our 'Privacy Policy' and/or 'Terms Of Use' from occurring, before altering such information/data or following the alteration of such information/data, where due to urgency information/data must be changed immediately. You shall not hold and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Owners/Operators liable for any misinformation concerning information/data provided by you or to you, nor any information/data altered, as all due diligence shall be taken by both parties. However, in the case of a deliberate violation by providing misinformation, which leads to damages or costs being incurred by and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Owners/Operators, or at our discretion a 'Third Party' provider, and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Owners/Operators may take the following action; issue a warning of possible account closure, close your account immediately, or if necessary initiate legal action against you for damages incurred due to misinformation. This includes information/data pertaining to any credit card transaction or banking transaction, whether you are the cardholder or not. and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators will close your account at your request and archive your information/data. This is necessary to comply with legal requirements, for the storage of business data for a certain period in accordance with general law practice and also for our reference in collecting any outstanding monies, or in order to provide information/data as requested by a court of law or investigation office of law, to resolve possible disputes or conflicts. and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators, agrees to remove your details from any lists, public or otherwise, on our site within a reasonable period of time. Not withstanding that some information supplied already, such as information you may have blogged, reviews, quotes, references or comments etc may remain as archived public material, available for the continued viewing of the general public. and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators, may remove any information/data that you have provided to us at its own discretion, should we find that the aforesaid violates our 'Privacy Policy' and/or our 'Terms Of Use', or just generally offends the general public, due to its nature or content, or further violates any laws and statutes. You are required to keep your profile updated with your current name/title, address, contact information and any other information/data, that you have been required to enter into the fields marked 'mandatory' or 'required'. This also applies to any financial data required. Failure to do so could be misconstrued as misinformation, should any technical difficulty arise. For your own safety, please ensure that you keep your profile information/data and your account information/data as current as possible. Any information/data retained by and/or its affiliated websites and/or its Owners/Operators, shall be deemed confidential. However, we are permitted to keep in contact with you, following your account closure, should you request that we keep you informed of any promotions or alterations to our site, in case you should decide that you wish to re-join. Unless banned from and/or its affiliated websites by its Owners/Operators, or otherwise stated to you; you are permitted to open another account after you have closed your current account and/or rejoin as a member at a later stage, should you choose to do so. You must once again keep your account up to date in accordance with common law, also our 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use'.


* Your Password/s; it is your responsibility to ensure that you use a strong password, consisting of a combination of 8 letters and numbers. It is your responsibility to keep your password and login information/data in a safe place not accessible to others. A computer is not the best place to keep this data. However, should you maintain this information within a computer you should maintain it in a protected password folder or it should be encrypted so others can not read it. This is for your own safety, in order to prevent identity theft and the actions of others that you may be deemed liable for or held accountable for, should another individual use your information for fraudulent purposes. Should your password be discovered and/or used you should reset it immediately from within the site. It is your responsibility to do so immediately. and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators, shall not be held liable for any damages to any person/s or company/s arising from the compromising of your password and other login information. The only situation where you may be exempt from liability is, where a rare situation of a hacked profile takes place or a misrepresentation or identity theft takes place. and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators are also exempt from liability under such circumstance. Although, we can ensure you that the safety and security of and its affiliated websites is taken very seriously and all due diligence has been undertaken to ensure its/their secure upkeep and maintenance. Servers use encryption techniques, firewalls and anti-virus technology to continually scan for and remove any threat to your/our information/data and are also meticulously maintained.


* Amendments; from time to time and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators will amend its 'Privacy Policy' and/or 'Terms Of Use'. When this occurs, a dated reference will be added to the bottom of the 'Privacy Policy' and/or 'Terms Of Use', depending on which one is amended, or both. The date will allow you to view when the amendment was made. It will also refer you to the amendment, by directing you to the section or subsection where it has been altered. It is your responsibility to keep informed of these changes. When deemed necessary, and/or its affiliated websites Owners/Operators will inform you of such amendments, through a blog entry, news flash at our site, or via an email. However, Site Members and Account Holders should not automatically expect this. You agree as a viewer/user of and/or its affiliated websites, and/or as a Site Account Holder and/or as a Site Member, to review both our 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use' on a regular basis, in order to remain informed of both your obligations and your rights. You also understand that, you agree to abide by the 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms Of Use' of all 'Third Party' providers which are an integral component of and/or its affiliated websites and/or its services and/or any 'Third Party' providers, related or connected to and/or its affiliated websites and its Owners/Operators. and its affiliated website's Owners/Operators thank you and wish you a safe and enjoyable web site experience!


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