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Full WordPress website within 24 Hours – Fully installed and configured – From $395!

  • 1 x Base WordPress website with optional Theme ready for you now – completely pre-installed and pre-configured.
  • Comes complete with all the Relevant Plugins and Top Security Plugins – – turnkey ready to go.
  • Purchase a Theme (see 3 steps) – Save your zipped Theme to your PC – we’ll install it on your WordPress website free!
  • Choose Your Website Design Option
  • All that’s left for you to do is take possession of your new site – you can have this from as little as 4 days from placing your order!
  • We can also copy your existing site into WordPress – a professional platform used by 30% of all websites worldwide.

15 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Represented Within A WordPress Website

check09 REASON #1Cost Effective = Save On Paying For Coding
Necessity is the mother of all invention and with a multitude of Plugins and Scripts available – it’s already been done…
check09 REASON #2Thousands Of Themes = A Theme For Any Purpose
From responsive to flash themes and reasonably priced…you can even run two themes at once if you wish…
check09 REASON #3Ease Of Use = No Experience Necessary
With no experience in web design…anyone can edit pages easily, with the included on-site WordPress Editor…
check09 REASON #4Mobile Friendly = Responsive Themes – The New Standard
Most theme developers are creating their themes Mobile Ready…so your website will look great in any device…
check09 REASON #5Top Security = Site Can Be Set To Update Automatically
WordPress is constantly being upgraded to close all security breaches, for a far superior website environment…
check09 REASON #6Easy To Maintain = One Button Full Site Backups
With WordPress you can backup your entire site with one simple plugin, any staff can do this without training…
check09 REASON #7Content Delivery Network = Faster Page Loading
WordPress can ensure a faster website…due to fast content delivery via a CDN (Content Delivery Network)…
check09 REASON #8Search Engine Friendly = Preferential Treatment
SEO (Search Engine Optimization), robots love the ease with which they scan WordPress websites for ranking…
check09 REASON #9Schedule Tasks = Posts, Backups, Anything
WordPress is able to function when you’re not around, adding posts, conducting backups, the sky’s the limit…
check09 REASON #10Customizable = Very Versatile
WordPress is now the number 1 choice for an increasing number of companies, due to its incredible flexibility…
check09 REASON #11E-Commerce = Shopping Cart Solutions
With WordPress you can add a variety of different Shopping Carts with an endless range of solutions available…
check09 REASON #12Portability = Easy To Migrate
Changing host?…it’s easy to migrate your website and domain to your new host usually from one – two hours…
check09 REASON #13Multi-media Friendly = Multi Media Library Included
With WordPress you have your own Multi Media Library, so adding images, audio files, videos etc is a breeze…
check09 REASON #14Multi-user Friendly = Admin, Staff, Site Member (User Privilege Levels)
With WordPress you can add various privilege levels safely, with the security of the WordPress script updates…
check09 REASON #15Membership Capability = Company or Private Membership Site
Start your own WordPress Membership website or add a Membership capability to your Company’s website…

Pre-Complete Professional WordPress Website In 24 Hours – or – Your Current Site In WordPress – You’re Just 3 Steps Away!

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