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Here at Awardwinningword-press.com we’re all about pleasing you our client or potential client. In a world turned to greed, where big company profits mean more than their clients, I’ve made sure that you are the most important aspect of our business. To be frank, many companies shouldn’t be trading because they just don’t treat their clients like gold any more.

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Cheap Site & Cheap Price…vs…Quality Site For A Little More Outlay

Emphasis here is placed on quality. Like any company, we have to meet our own budget targets and work to a costing structure. Yet, I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure you’re getting the best value within the quality market. We provide all of our clients with between 1 and 4 free revisions, depending on which option you invest in. Of course, if you need further revisions these can be purchased separately.

We’ll check your website thoroughly for accuracy. Far too many websites contain spelling mistakes that can be easily corrected with spell check before the website is delivered to their client. It astounds me how obvious mistakes can go unnoticed. We like to spend a little more time making sure your website is presentable to your clients, accurate and easy to use. Making a website more simple actually takes more time not less and that’s why we charge a little more. That said, I believe we are well priced within the boutique website design market.

Quality is assured. A website also has to convince your clients to invest in your product or service. Whilst this is obvious, many websites do not provide a convincing enough presentation in order to achieve this. Your website should have at least three ‘call to action’ elements within its homepage. Let’s face it, this is the landing page and the page that your clients will see first. If they are not visually stimulated to make an ’emotional buying decision’ they will very quickly lose interest and go to the competition. A website has only 8 to 10 seconds to make this first impact upon the client and so it has to be attractive. The problem with many websites is, that they provide you with either not enough information or more often than not too much information in the first instance. If a client is bombarded with information when the website loads they will simply dump it in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Simple Yet Emotionally Involving

This is the best standard for an effective website. This is why our websites, although they may seem more simple than others you’ve seen, are deliberately created this way. More time goes into making them simple and effective. That said, I could say more about what we do here yet that would be breaking my rule and wear you out. Please feel free to contact one of our team for an expert appraisal of your current site and discuss your requirements for improving your website experience.

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