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2019 – 2020 are going to be great years!

With even more companies turning to WordPress to streamline their website and increase productivity, there’s an abundance of work out there for everyone. Only one third of all websites are as yet built in WordPress. That’s a 70% untapped market potential for you, so what are you waiting for? Get rolling and grab a slice of the pie. Remember, he who hesitates loses! Don’t wait for someone else to make that sale. Be innovative and think about new ways and new places to advertise your creatives. All we ask is don’t spam, it’s not permitted!
Businesses don’t know it yet, but they’re eager for our services so direct them here and let’s bank those checks! Oh and those who can do so, don’t forget to pay at least 10% forwards! If you do, the Universe will favor you and return the favor. Let’s help some people out there who are more in need than us!

Email Marketing

Affiliates have been asking me, are you going to create email marketing campaigns for us? The good news is YES! We’ve got some great email creatives arriving for you soon, so you can get your email campaigns started.Expect to see them in two to three weeks. We’ll be adding some new banners soon too!
If you have no experience or even no money to do this, don’t worry. We have ways around that. You can still make good sales with our Affiliate Program. We’re about to launch another site that can show you exactly how it’s done, so join anyway and start working the banners, or rather let them work for you. We value our Affiliates and reward them well.
Affiliates earn 20% commission. You make between $79 and $4,399 or more with just 1 sale. When you win we win too…
Here’s an example of what you can earn with the Award Winning WordPress Affiliate Program.
Let’s take a good cross reference of the type of sales you can make, to show you what the average sale can fill your bank accounts with!

Affiliate Earnings

SALE 1 START UP $395 20% = $79
SALE 2 PERSONAL $79520% = $159
SALE 3 BUSINESS$1,59520% = $319
SALE 4 E-COMMERCE ECONOMY$1,99520% = $399
SALE 5 E-COMMERCE PLUS$3,99520% = $799
SALE 6 E-COMMERCE PREMIUM$11,19520% = $2,239
SALE 7 E-COMMERCE ULTRA$21,99520% = $4,399

The average from 7 sales in this example = $1,199 – You can make even more than this on 1 sale. Plus, if the client you referred buys any other web design service or product from our site, that’s purchased through our Woo Commerce Cart, you’re paid an additional 20% on those services and products too! These results will vary from Affiliate to Affiliate. Also, your results may be higher or lower on each payout, depending upon the quantity of sales you’ve made with each Web Design Service.
You can make a full-time living with just 1 – 3 sales a week with our ‘work from home’ income affiliate program!
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Share our program with your friends below and help them make 2019 & 2020 great years too!