7. E-Commerce Ultra

Tailored - Web Design Options

E-Commerce Ultra

1 Themed Home Page + 98 More Pages + Full CMS + Up To 100 Shopping Cart Items
* Choose an home page or landing page theme and provide content or we can create it

* Homepage or Landing Page Theme plus add any 98 pages, we add all of your content

* Alternatively, provide us with a draft or specific theme you wish us to use

* Or, have us re-design your current theme and re-add your content

* All written content is added, plus any images you wish us to add

* Dynamic or WordPress or Flash

* Optional re-design of your chosen theme included in this design option

* Optional additional scripting included in this design option eg: Java

* You have 9.36 hours allocated to this and/or any additional scripting

* All written content is added, plus any images you wish us to add

* Includes E-Commerce Full Content Management System (CMS)

* Up To 100 Products Added To Display Pages & E-Commerce Ready (CMS)

* Includes E-Commerce Complete Online Payments Gateway Solution

* Template modification requests are quoted & charged separately

* A maximum total is agreed upon / signed for before commencing

* A maximum of 4 Revisions is included @ 1 Hr each

* Extra Revisions From $75 @ 1 Hr each


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